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Nishad to compose soundtrack for Spiral Summit Games’ 2018 release

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I’m pleased to announce that I will be scoring the soundtrack to Breakerbox Studios‘ and Spiral Summit Games‘ upcoming platformer video game, “Griff the Winged Lion.” The game will be available on console and PC due for a tentative 2018 release.

Breakerbox Studios’ is known for their vintage style of game design. Spiral Summit Games has just come off of their August release of indie arcade classic, Black Sea Odyssey.

I’m happy to take another huge step in my music career and evolve beyond the guitar. Film and video game scores were always a strong influence and I would always find that throughout the many bands I’ve composed music for, I would frequently end up with soundtrack demos that would inevitably get shelved. The owner of Spiral Summit Games, Nick Rea, is my long time friend and has heard the majority of these over the last few years, and he’s always given me confidence that this is a side of my musicianship that needs to be shown. It’s great to have a friend that has not only always instilled confidence in me, but has now made it possible for the two of us to work together on a great project.

Look for more details over on BreakerBox Studios’ Website. They will be launching a new Kickstarter campaign later this month. Hope you enjoy the game when it’s out!


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